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LANDSCAPE We design and install custom landscapes

Our Landscape services include: Site preparation, planting, sodding, mulching and general landscape clean-up. We offer a weekly or monthly landscape care contract where we fertilize, weed, prune, check irrigation and check plant health.


We will install your landscape in keeping with the philosophy of preserving natural resources.

A landscape is part of the natural world.  The plants in the used in a landscape should be well adapted to the environment in which they are to grow. The plants should be able to be maintained with a minimum of care.  This should be accomplished by proper site preparation and plant selection.


Bowen Landscape LLC is company with a reputation for quality installation of landscape.

Landscape Immersion

Buildings are mineral construct in placed a site.  We strive to use landscaping to bridge the nature with human constructs. Our lush plantings are low care through the selection of the correct plants, reducing the need for pruning, watering and fertilizing. We advocate the reduction or elimination of turf. We recommend the use of low flow irrigation and slow release fertilizers.

Flowers in The Landscape

We use colorful and hardy perennials in our landscape.  In our area, having color every season is easily accomplished by careful plant selection.  Flowers provide more than color, they may produce pleasing scents, may attract butterflies and may produce edible fruits.  Through careful selection of the colorful plant material, they may need no more maintenance than non flowering plants.


We design and install low flow and drip irrigation systems. With proper design drip irrigation can be easy to maintain and conserve water.

Fruits and Vegetables in the Landscape

With careful design and plant selection, fruits and vegetables can be an integral part of a landscape.

The best service that anyone could imagine
Susie Smart
Bowen Landscape is a wonderful company with very professional installation
Dr Paul

A well trained and supervised crew will install your landscape.

Our crews like plants and handle them with care.  We practice employ techniques to ensure the survival of every plant that we install.