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Water features make an impact in any landscape. Bowen Landscape LLC designs and installs swimming pool features, ponds, waterfalls and fountains.



Bowen Landscape LLC designs and install ponds of all sizes that low care and beautiful

A pond can be as small as a tub or cover several acres. Bowen Landscape LLC has had experience building ponds of all sizes. The impact that a pond will make is great. A pond may contain for beautiful flowering water lilies, colorful fish, and mosquito eating frogs. Through our pond building experience, our ponds are both beautiful and low maintenance.


The music of falling water is a sweet garden serenade.


Bowen Landscape LLC has years of experience with design moving water elements for the landscape.  Our project have included waterfalls for swimming pools and ponds and fountains

A waterfall or fountain produces movement and sound.  A pond with a waterfall, the falling of water from a fountain produce sounds that help screen out the din of the outside world.  Bowen Landscape has experience in the design and installation of both waterfalls and fountains.